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    Doctor's Professional Assistant

Doctor's Professional Assistant

Medical History

Personal & Family History, Child Growth, Gynae-Obs


Diagnosis, Investigation, Medicines, Immunization


Confirmation, Cancellation, Holiday blocking, multiple Clinics

Clinical Examination

Healnt assisted, detailed Systemic Investigation charting


Healnt generated, detailed coverage, automatically shared

Referral Network

Referral network management, Tracking referred patients

Dr. Suman Mian
Dr. Suman Mian
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
New Delhi
“It’s amazing how powerfully Healnt supports my functioning at the clinic.
The 'Clinical Investigations' and 'Medical History' functions are in particular powerful.
My patients are awed by the way their Electronic Medical Records get created automatically on their devices.”
Dr. Suman Mian
Dr. Agrima
Dept. of Medicine
AIIMS, New Delhi
“Healnt appears to be just ‘the thing’ my generation of Doctors want.
It is a professional and a social platform – integrated. Getting everything ‘Digital’
helps us align with the way technology and our society are moving.”

Family's Live Health Center

My Doctors

Interactions, Appointments, Doctor Search, Consultations


Medicine Prescriptions, Consumption records, Alerts


Monitoring the Health of my family, and those I care for


Health Events, Treatments, Doctor Consultation records


Planned Investigations and Investigation Results


BP, Blood Sugar, Weight, Height, Pulse Rate, Calories

Transforming Healthcare with Public EMR & Data Analytics