The Mission

‘Healnt’ is a mission aimed at transforming the way Healthcare gets managed in the unorganized sector – for both - the common Public, as well as the Doctors.

A combination of two integrated applications – ‘Healnt’ & ‘Healnt-MD’ – it is a platform that focusses on simplifying & enriching the processes of Patient engagement for doctors, enables efficient management of family healthcare by individuals, and builds the foundation of a ‘PublicEMR’

Healthcare segment in most parts of the world, particularly in the developing nations, remains largely ‘unorganized’. In India - almost 90% of all healthcare is unorganized. Technology adoption by these unorganized players remains very low, professional development starts to decline with time, and they do not have marketing bandwidth. ‘Referral’ – by patients and Doctors – remains the most common, but unmanaged way for Doctors to get introduced to new patients. Recency of interaction usually determines patient recall by a Doctor, with no means to access past health records, or maintain even clinic level Medical Records.

As patients - we trust our Doctor to ‘get us well’. Lack of individual ‘health management' - awareness, responsibility & rights – abounds. Practice of doctors dispensing medication - at times even without providing basic information on diagnosis, treatment, and prescription details – is not uncommon in areas dominated by economically week sections of society, small cities and villages.

Any changes, and technology adoptions in the healthcare eco-system over the past decade have remained concentrated on the limited reach of a small (~10%) set of providers - who remain unaffordable to the common public.

Built for the ‘mobile first, cloud first’ world - ‘Healnt’ leverages the proliferation of Internet & Mobility in our society – to bring around a paradigm shift in our expectations and management of healthcare for our society.

Since healthcare in India is largely paid through personal costs, with insurance coverages being either absent or inadequate in most cases - better monitoring and management can help people reduce costs on healthcare management. Electronic health records availability for common public can make a big impact on the society and the nation.